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1 SMS to 1,000,000 SMS's we can do it. We have revolutionized the way we can now send high-speed SMS's in very large quantities.

Initially used as a social contact tool, it has matured into a smart, direct and targeted way of marketing. See some the exciting and unique ways we have used SMS below. Please note we do not have 'databases' for use, you need to supply them, or in some cases, we are able to buy mobile numbers depending on your industry.   
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SMS Standard and Premium

A standard SMS is made up of 160 characters. At YESmarketing we can send 1 to 1 million SMS's at once. There are 2 speeds for SMS:
Standard - This means the SMS will only go when the network is free. SMS's will start immediately but can take a couple of hours to complete all.
Premium - This means the SMS will be prioritized and sent 'immediately' and as 'priority'. Great for Storm and weather updates for insurance companys 

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SMS with a HOOK

This means we can put a 'Hook' in the SMS to make it really work. So for example, a car dealer of ours wants to promote more detail about an offer, we add a microsite to the SMS link, and drive more leads:

Barloworld NEW car clearance. Check out all deals here {Insert link)   ABN70008629436 To opt out of SMS reply STOP

 SMS YESmarketing we write your SMS

 SMS ... ummm what can a SMS say?

YESmarketing can write your SMS for you and make sure it is exactly the correct length for SMS. Want a hand immediately? Email YES SMS