How many words in a 30 second radio commercial?
Approximately 75 to 85 words depending on 'pace' of read.
"Brand" ads may be slightly slower with less words and more defined, 
"Retail" ads may have more words to create and generate a sense of urgency. 

How many words in a 15 second radio commercial?
Approximately 38 to 42 words?

Can I have any other length radio commercial?
Yes, but most stations accept 15 and 30 second ads. For more information on whether you can run other length radio ads, please speak to your radio station.
Other length ads are 05, 10, 45 and 60 second ads.

Is a phone number one word? 
NO. For 0412 345 678, it’s in fact 10 words, one for each number
(zero, four one, two...three, four, five, six, seven, eight)

Do you recommend using a phone number in commercials?
Generally, NO. Unless you have a cool number to remember 13 13 13
To remember a normal phone number, you would have to say twice (‘cause who can ever remember a phone number after hearing once?) and use a lot of words up.

Should I use my web address in my commercials?
Generally, YES. People remember web page better than a phone number.

Is a price one word? 
NO. For $3,456, it’s in fact 8 words, one for each number.
(three thousand, four hundred and fifty six dollars)

How many voices can I have in any ad or commercial
As many as you want. You normally get charged per voice.
Our experience shows that 80% of all ads are single voice commercials. 
The other 20% is made up of 2 and 3 voice ads.

Do I have to have music under my ad?
NO. But this sometimes help set the mood and tone for the commercial

What is a cold ad?
This is simply a commercial recorded with voice only, and no music or sound effects

Do radio commercials need to be approved?
Short answer is NO. There are no statutory approval processes that exist in TV to get radio commercials approved.