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With at least 10 million monthly listeners in Australia, it's no surprise that everyone from global brands to small businesses are turning to podcasts as their next key advertising investment. 

After all, podcast ads are, for the most part, native — and native advertising can quickly turn an inbound trickle of leads into a river of new business leads and opportunities. Indeed, podcast advertisements are seamlessly integrated into the natural flow of a show. Combine that with extremely engaged listeners and a personal touch added by the host, and voilà! You've got an excellent recipe for a highly effective advertising campaign on your hands.      



Dashs Podcast | Comming soon, open and closing jingle ...

Dashs Podcast Opening Jingle.wav

...Living life and lovin' 
Trying to make sense of all the noise
Take a breath and relax my friends
This is where life’s conversation never ends ...

Dashs Podcast Closing Jingle.wav