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3AW Breakfast | 5.30am to 9am | Ross and Russel 

3AW Breakfast is Melbourne’s favourite way to start the day, notching up more than 100 consecutive rating periods as radio’s #1.

Join former lawyer Ross Stevenson and marketing guru Russel Howcroft as they parse the day’s affairs with their razor sharp wit and a healthy dose of humour, along with interviews from experts to keep you informed. To advertise with 3AW or in Breakfast click here.

3AW Mornings | 9am to 12 noon | Neil Mitchell 

3AW mornings with Neil Mitchell is Melbourne’s favourite way to start the conversation ...

Mitchell began working at Melbourne station 3AW in March 1987. 

Mitchell has a reputation for looking out for "the little guys" and spends plenty of on-air time trying to rectify problems brought to his attention by his listeners, who are encouraged to contact the program with examples of bureaucratic bungling and red-tape. A well-known example is his successful effort to have speed-camera fines from faulty cameras in Melbourne reversed, which resulted in the refunding of 26 million dollars to motorists. To advertise with 3AW or Neil Mitchell, click here.